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Past and Present Daleks

The Dalek Asylum held all types of Daleks from the 1963 original Skaro Dalek to the new 2010 Supreme Dalek design. Listed below are most of the Daleks that appeared in Asylum of the Daleks.

How many Daleks did you spot?

The Story of an Asylum Dalek

The BBC production team needed classic Daleks so all those available were drafted in, but with the vast majority of original Daleks had been sold off over the years it was down to the rescued remains and fan made examples to take third place.

Behind the scenes with an Asylum Dalek

Teaser Photos

March 2012 the BBC released 5 teaser photos suggesting the bronze Daleks would be making an appearance in series 7. The BBC then released a picture showing a Dalek from The Evil of the Daleks and information saying every type of Dalek would be appearing in Asylum of the Daleks.

Behind the Scenes of Asylum of the Daleks

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