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Inside a Dalek

The Dalek Mutation

Originally the Dalek creature remained a mystery. In the first Dalek story all that was shown was a claw hand sliding out from under a blanket. Later in the 60’s the Dalek appeared as a mutated ‘blob’. In the 80’s the same idea was applied, a green coloured mutation. Between 1963 and 1988 it was rare seeing the Dalek interior. A Dalek mutation was clearly shown (living and speaking) in the 2005 episode ‘Dalek’.

The Daleks Original Mutation

In the first Dalek story the Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara captured a Dalek and removed the mutated creature inside and wrapped it in a blanket. Only the claw below was shown. Ian and the Doctor opened the top of the Dalek so that Ian could get inside, Ian controlled the Dalek allowing them all to escape.

Dalek Mutation Factory

In The Power of the Daleks a Dalek factory is shown where Dalek mutants are fitted into their casings.

Resurrection of the Daleks & Revelation of the Daleks

In Ressurection of the Daleks we got to see the remains of a Dalek after a group of humans had blown it up removing the head. In Revelation of the Daleks Davros was turning Humans into Daleks (below middle).

Remembrance of the Daleks

Like in Ressurection of the Daleks all we got to see were the remains of the exploded Daleks, one Dalek remained active, a claw reached out and grabbed the Doctor by the neck.


The first time we got to see the inside of a Dalek clearly was in the episode Dalek where the casing opened to reveal the mutated Dalek.

The Parting of the Ways, Emperor Dalek

In The Parting of the Ways the Emperor of the Daleks creature was clearly visible in a glass casing underneath the dome.

Dalek Sec

Dalek Sec appeared more greener than the previous Daleks. The bottom half of his casing also opened. The picture on the far right shows his Human form.

Dalek Caan

Dalek Caan flew back into the Time War to save Davros. During the process Dalek Caan became insane.

Into the Dalek

The Doctor, Clara and crew of the rebel space station codenamed Aristotle go inside a Dalek via the eye.


The Doctor nicknames the Dalek Rusty. Below are the different sections inside Rusty.

The Dalek Organic Refuse Disposal

Daleks use the protein gathered from harvested victims which is stored in the organic refuse disposal.

The Dalek Brain

The cortex vault, the supplementary electronic brain. The memory banks that keep the Dalek pure..

The Dalek Heart

The heart of the Dalek and the organic Dalek creature.

Dalek Anatomy

List of Dalek Parts

A – Lights
The Luminosity Dischargers light up when a Dalek speaks

B – Eye
The Eye Stalk is the weakest part of a Dalek. Underneath the Eye Stalk is the Dalek ID tag

C – Sucker Arm
The Sucker Arm can manipulate objects and be used as a weapon

D – Solar Panels
The Dalek uses the solar panels below the dome to collect power and convert it into static electricity so the Dalek is able to move freely

E – Gun
The Powerful Dalek Gun

F – Main Chamber
The main chamber can open to reveal the true mutated Dalek creature

G – Globes
Some of the Dalek Globes contain high explosive charges for offensive action or self-destruct.
The rest of the globes are used for collecting information about the current environment

H – Dalekenium
The casing of the Dalek is made from a metal called Dalekenium

I – Power
The Dalek’s motive power system