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Skaro Daleks – 1963

1963 Dalek Plan and Colour Scheme

Skaro Daleks

1963 Skaro Dalek Information

These Daleks lived on Skaro. They are powered by static electricity from the floors of the city, because of this they were unable to leave the city or Skaro. The main enemies of the Skaro Daleks were the Thals.

Dalek Appearences

These Daleks only appeared in the 1963 TV story The Daleks.


The Daleks were not aware that any Thals survived the war as they could not leave their city. The Daleks coundn’t leave the city as it provided the static electricity they needed to operate. Find out more about Skaro.

The only interest we have in the Thals is their total extermination! The Daleks