The Daleks

Dalek Spaceships

Dalek Ship Designs

The Daleks have used many different ships including a time and void ship. Traditionally Dalek ships have been in the shape of a saucer.

Original Dalek Saucer

The Dalek saucer first appeared in The Dalek Invasion of Earth. This was the first Dalek space ship shown on TV.

Dalek Time Machine

The Daleks created a time machine to follow the Tardis. Like the Tardis it is bigger on the inside. This was first used in The Chase.

The Supreme Dalek Council Ship

This Dalek ship was used in Planet of the Daleks to transport a Dalek from the Supreme Council.

Dalek Saucer

Another smaller and more basic Dalek Saucer. This was seen in Death to the Daleks.

Dalek Battle Ship

This Dalek battle ship was shown in Resurrection of the Daleks. It was commanded by the Supreme Black Dalek and was sent to rescue Davros, the creator of the Daleks. Like the Dalek Saucer this ship also has powerful weapons that were used to disable the space station.

Renegade Dalek Space Ship

This renegade Dalek space ship appeared in revelation of the daleks. The rengade Daleks landed on the planet Necros to capture Davros their creator. Not much is known about this ship, it was never seen in battle so it is not known if it has any weapons.

Imperial Dalek Shuttlecraft

This Dalek shuttle craft came from the Imperial Dalek Mothership. It was sent to Earth so that the Imperial Daleks could defeat the Renegade Daleks and capture the Hand of Omega.

Imperial Dalek Mothership

The Imperial Dalek Mothership was seen in Remembrance of the Daleks. On board was Davros also known as the Dalek Emperor.

Time War Dalek Saucer

The new and improved Dalek Saucer was used to fight in the last Time War against the Time Lords. It has been shown in multiple episodes since Doctor Who returned in 2005.

The Dalek Paradigm

The Day/Time of the Doctor Dalek Saucer

Into the Dalek

A Dalek saucer attacking the rebel space station Aristotle.

Void Ship

The Dalek Void Ship was shown in Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. The Cult of Skaro used it to hide outside of time and space so that the Dalek race would survive.

The Dalek Crucible

A space station shaped like a planet. The Dalek Crucible was going to be the new home for the Daleks after they’d completed their plan to wipe out every living thing with the reality bomb.

Dalek Time War Patrol Ship

Dalek patrol ships originally used in the time war. These ships were seen in The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor.

60’s Movie Dalek Saucer

This Dalek Saucer was used in the 2nd Dalek movie: Daleks invasion Earth 2150 AD. Out of all the 60s and 70s spaceships used this was one of the most impressive.