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K9 TV Series The Department

About The Department

The Department is in control of Britain. It was originally set up to keep Britain safe.

The Department – Alien Activity Section

Inspector June is head of the alien activity section, if anything alien lands in Britain she’s usually the first person to know about it. Inspector Drake is head of public order. Drake believes the Department should be taking advantage of the alien technology as it could help protect Britain against alien threats and general security.

Everyone answers to the mysterious Lomaxx. Lomaxx is head of the Department.

Department Projects

Black Hunger

The Black Hunger project used alien Nano-technology to consume rubbish. It was originally closed down because it was too unstable.


When the department first started acquiring alien technology, they began experimenting seeing if they could create a being capable of time travel. Professor Gryffen was involved because of his past experience. The department considered the experiment a failure.


This was an operation set up by Drake to make out K9 couldn’t be trusted so he could finally capture K9 and use the alien technology.


Project Trojan was the ultimate alien menace created by Thorne and Lomaxx

The Space Time Project

The Space Time Manipulator was put together using technology from a “Fallen Angel” which had crashed in Canada.

Department Prisons

The Tower of London is now known as Dauntless Prison. It’s where the Department keeps all the aliens that arrive on Earth, good or bad.

Jorjie, K9, Starkey and Darius forced their way into the prison and released all the aliens inside. The Department was forced to close the prison as the media had picked up on the story.

If humans are found guilty of breaking the law you are sent to a virtual realty prison. In “Liberation” Starkey was sentenced to a 6 month virtual detention sentence.

CCPC – Department Police

The CCPC’s are robots owned by the Department, their job is to keep Britain safe by stopping crime.

The new CCPC’s Mark II have alien technology inside them that has been altered by the department