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It all started in a Junkyard!

The very first scene of Doctor Who showed a Police man walking into a junkyard, inside was a Police box, which was later revealed to be the Doctor’s TARDIS. The junkyard address was – I.M. Foreman, Scrap Merchant, 76 Totter’s Lane.

In-Depth Guides

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The Beginning of Doctor Who

In the first story the Doctor was a lot different to the character we see today. Having recently escaped Gallifrey and their strict culture the Doctor was not comfortable with meeting other people on Earth. When Ian and Barbara, two of his Granddaughters school teachers on Earth discovered the TARDIS he kidnapped them because he feared that they would tell others about what they had seen.

Over time the Doctor learnt to trust other people. The Doctor also saw humans ability to block out certain things they refused to believe in as noted in the “Aliens of London”.

Themes and Information

Doctor Who has had many themes, as has it’s spin-off shows. Below are guides to some of the shows themes.

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