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2008 Cyber Leader Design

The Next Doctor Cyber Leader

This version of the Cyber Leader looked more like the Cyber Controller in appearance. You could see his human brain. Parts of his head were painted black making him the Cyber Leader.

Cyber Parts

19th Century Cyber King

The Cybermen were trapped in the void after battling the Daleks at Canary Wharf. Using a stolen Dalek Dimension Vault they escaped the void and ended up in 1851 London. Using 19th century and Cyber technology the Cyber Leader planned to create a Dreadnought-class ship known a the Cyber King.


This Cyber Leader only appeared in the 2008 story The Next Doctor. An identical Mondas version appeared in A Good Man Goes to War.

You will be heralded in the new age, at the Court of the CyberKing The Cyber Leader