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Cybermen Spaceships

Spaceship Designs

Over the years many different variations of Cybermen spaceships have appeared in Doctor Who. The only design that has appeared more than once is the version originally featured in The Invasion.

Mondas Spaceships

The Cybermen used a circular shaped spaceship to travel from Mondas to Earth. The Cybermen took the Doctor and Polly back to one of their ships as hostages. It is presumed that these were powered by the same energy from Mondas that powered the Cybermen.


The Cybermen used saucer shaped spaceships to land on the Moon. The Cybermen took some humans from the Moonbase back to their ship to convert their minds into obeying Cybermen orders.

Tactical Ship

The Cybermen used a larger looking spaceship for the invasion of the space wheel. This design in spaceship was completely different to what had been seen before.

Planet 14 Spaceships

A fleet of wheel shaped spaceships presumably from Planet 14 were hiding behind the moon in The Invasion. It is known at least one of the ships had weapons as a missile was fired at the TARDIS. The same design of spaceship appeared in The Pandorica Opens.

Spaceship from the Vogan War

The ship that appeared in Revenge of the Cybermen looked more robust to the previous designs. This is one of the ships used in the Vogan war, the surviving Cybermen went into hiding to work on a plan to defeat the Vogans. The Cybermen must have been weaker and less resourceful as the Doctor described it as an ‘ancient spaceship’.

Captured Time Vessel

A time vessel that the Cybermen captured. It needed at least three people to pilot it. Below it is shown landing at Cyber Control on Telos.

Cyber Warships

A fleet of Cyber warships were shown around Earth in 1988. A smaller Cybermen spaceship landed on Earth hoping to track down a weapon built by the Rassilon to protect Gallifrey. The weapon disobeyed the Cybermen and destroyed their fleet.

Cyberking – Dreadnought-class ship

The Cyberking is a Dreadnought-class ship, the front-line of a Cyberman invasion. The mouthpiece acts as an observation deck for the controlling Cyber unit. The Dreadnought-class ship is used to destroy cities and upgrade their population.

Ancient Spaceship

An old and forgotten Cyber spaceship appeared in Closing Time

Cylinder Shaped Spaceships

Cylinder shaped spaceships similar in design to the Planet 14 versions appeared in The Pandorica Opens and A Good Man Goes to War. The ships shown in A Good Man Goes to War belonged to the Twelfth Cyber Legion.

The Time of the Doctor

A cylinder shaped spaceship appeared in The Time of the Doctor which looked similar to the original Planet 14 spaceship from the Invasion and the Twelfth Cyber Legion spaceships that appeared in A Good Man Goes to War.

The TARDIS view screen showed a new star shaped spaceship, it was revealed to be a Cyber ship when the Doctor went to investigate. It is possible that the TARDIS got the coordinates wrong and the star shaped ship belonged to a different alien race..

Mondassian Colony ship

A giant Colony ship from Mondas made it’s first appearance in Doctor Who “World Enough and Time” (2017). In design, the ship was about 400 miles long and around 100 miles wide. It had over 1000 floors.