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The Quills and The Rhodians

Prince of the Rhodians and Miss Quill

Charlie and Miss Quill are from two sets of people, or species on the same planet at war with each other known as the Quills and the Rhodians.

The Rhodians were a culture high up in society and Charlie was their Prince. Being from the same planet, the Quill were living on the smaller of the southern continents. The Rhodians saw the Quill mismanaging their economy and being resentful of their success.

Because of their disagreements the Rhodians and the Quill went to war. When a Quill was captured an Arn was released into their brain as punishment, it could gain control when needed and made them slaves to the Rhodians. Eventually the Rhodians won the war but because of the fight amongst themselves another war was on the way.

Visions of the Rhodian and Quills Home Planet

Most of the pictures on this page are a set of memories or visions whilst Charlie was explaining his home world to April.

War with the Shadow Kin

Whilst the Rhodians and Quills were busy fighting amongst themselves, the Shadow Kin arrived and killed everyone, a total of 3 billion Rhodians and Quills. Only Charlie and Miss Quill survived thanks to a rescue by the Doctor.

A vision of what the Quills and the Rhodians could look like if not human when it was questioned by April.

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