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Coal Hill Academy

Coal Hill School 1963 – 2015

Coal Hill School appeared in the first ever episode of Doctor Who in 1963. The Doctors granddaughter Susan attended the school.

An Unearthly Child

The Doctor feared that two of Susans school teachers, Ian and Barbara would tell others about them and the TARDIS after they discovered it so he kidnapped them. After gaining each others trust Ian and Barbara did return to Earth, but in 1965, 2 years after they’d left.

Remembrance of the Daleks

Coal Hill School appeared again in ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ set at the same time as ‘An Unearthly Child’ although Ian, Barbara and Susans disappearance weren’t mentioned.

The Doctor had left behind a Gallifreyan invention, The Hand of Omega, which two sets of Daleks were after.

The Day of the Doctor

Coal Hill School was shown at the start of ‘The Day of the Doctor’ where Clara was teaching. With Clara now being a teacher at Coal Hill it featured several times in Series Eight and Nine.


In Class Coal Hill School was now Coal Hill Academy. A hole or rift in space and time was now located in Coal Hill Academy created by the Shadow Kin who were chasing Charlie and Miss Quill.

I.M.Foreman Scrap Yard

Near Coal Hill School is the I.M.Foreman Scrap Merchant yard, 76 Totter’s Lane.

Where to Watch Class

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