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Doctor Who Crossovers

Tooth and Claw

Torchwood House

Tooth and Claw was part of Doctor Who series two which aired in 2006

The Doctor and Rose travelled back to Scotland in 1879 and met Queen Victoria. They helped protect the Queen from an alien werewolf. The Queen later banished them from returning to Great Britain. She set up Torchwood to stop alien threats and to make sure the Doctor never returned.

Army of Ghosts

Torchwood One

Army of Ghosts was part of Doctor Who series two which aired in 2006

Torchwood finally caught up with the Doctor in 2007. Without knowing, Torchwood was opening a breach between two universes allowing the Cybermen through. The breach was caused by a void ship.The void ship contained an army of Daleks, when the Daleks were awakened they went on to fight the Cybermen. The Doctor and Rose stopped the invasion but this was to be the end of Torchwood One.

1879? That was called Torchwood. That house in Scotland.The Doctor

The Runaway Bride

Thames Barrier

The Runaway Bride was a Doctor Who Christmas special which aired in 2006

The London branch of the Torchwood Institute had a base under the Thames Barrier. This base was abandoned with the fall of Torchwood One.

The equipment was being used to experiment with huon particles. It isn’t known whether Torchwood started the experiments.

The Sound of Drums

Sound of Drums

The Sound of Drums was part of Doctor Who series three which aired in 2007

Jack and the TARDIS crew got captured by the Master. During their imprisonment the Master revealed that he had sent the Torchwood team on a wild goose chase to the Himalayas. The Doctor eventually managed to stop the Master and turn back time so that no one knew what had happened outside of the ship including Torchwood.

The Stolen Earth

The Stolen Earth

The Stolen Earth was part of Doctor Who series four which aired in 2008

After the Earth was moved across time and space by the Daleks Harriet Jones contacted Torchwood, Sarah Jane Smith and Martha hoping they could help contact the Doctor. Using all the alien technolog they had access to they managed to contact Martha’s phone which was still on board the TARDIS.