Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials


17th November 2023
BBC One (15 mins)

Doctor Who - Destination: Skaro

The Doctor hurtles through space and time, landing back on Skaro to a crucial point in the Daleks’ history.

25th November 2023
BBC One (57 mins)

Doctor Who - The Star Beast

The Doctor and Donna are reunited, as they are caught in a battle between the Beep and the Wrarth Warriors.

2nd December 2023
BBC One (54 mins)

Doctor Who - Blue Wild Yonder

The Tardis takes the Doctor and Donna to the furthest edge of adventure with the fate of the universe at stake.

9th December 2023
BBC One (61 mins)

Doctor Who - The Giggle

When the Doctor discovers the return of the terrifying Toymaker, he faces a fight he can never win.

25th December 2023
BBC One (55 mins)

Doctor Who - The Church on Ruby Road

Ruby encounters the Doctor, goblins, stolen babies, and maybe the mystery behind her Christmas Eve birth.


  • The Star Beast

  • The DoctorDavid Tennant
  • Donna NobleCatherine Tate
  • Rose NobleYasmin Finney
  • Shaun TempleKarl Collins
  • BBC ReporterMatt Green
  • Colonel ChanJamie Cho
  • Shirley BinghamRuth Madeley
  • Lad 1Harley McEvilly
  • Lad 2Max Fincham
  • Sylvia NobleJacqueline King
  • Fudge MerchandaniDara Lall
  • The MeepCecily Fay
  • Meep AnimatronicsBrian Herring
  • Meep AnimatronicsPhill Woodfine
  • Wrarth Warrior 1Robert Strange
  • Wrarth Warrior 2Stephen Love
  • Wrarth Warrior 3Jordan Benjamin
  • Wrarth Warrior 4Vassili Psaltopoulos
  • SoldierIsabella Carey
  • Major SinghRonak Patani
  • Voice of ZogrothNed Porteous
  • Voice of ZreegJohn Hopkinson
  • Chief TechnicianAnna Martine Freeman
  • SergeantArchie Backhouse
  • Voice of the MeepMiriam Margolyes
  • Blue Wild Yonder

  • The DoctorDavid Tennant
  • Donna NobleCatherine Tate
  • Wilfred MottBernard Cribbins
  • Isaac NewtonNathaniel Curtis
  • Mrs MerridewSusan Twist
  • The Doctor Acting DoubleDaniel Tuite
  • The Doctor Beast DoubleOphir Raray
  • The Doctor Contortionist DoubleTommaso Di Vincenzo
  • The Giggle

  • The DoctorDavid Tennant
  • Donna NobleCatherine Tate
  • Charles BanerjeeCharlie De Melo
  • The ToymakerNeil Patrick Harris
  • John Logie BairdJohn MacKay
  • Middle Aged ManRoss Gurney-Randall
  • Colonel IbrahimAlexander Devrient
  • Shirley BinghamRuth Madeley
  • Kate Lethbridge-StewardJemma Redgrave
  • Melanie BushBonnie Langford
  • PilotGlen Fox
  • Edward Lawn BridgesTim Hudson
  • The VlinxAidan Cook
  • Voice of the VlinxNicholas Briggs
  • Trinity WellsLachele Carl
  • Voice of Stooky SueLeigh Lothian
  • The Toymaker Dance DoubleLuke Featherston
  • Shaun TempleKarl Collins
  • Sylvia NobleJacqueline King
  • Rose NobleYasmin Finney
  • The DoctorNcuti Gatwa
  • The Church on Ruby Road

  • The DoctorNcuti Gatwa
  • Ruby SundayMillie Gibson
  • Davina McCallAs Herself
  • DenzelBobby Bradley
  • TrudyMary Malone
  • Woman with PramBelinda Owusu
  • PolicemanBarney Wilkinson
  • Mrs FloodAnita Dobson
  • AbdulHemi Yeroham
  • Carla SundayMichelle Greenidge
  • Cherry SundayAngela Wynter
  • Ruth LyonsGemma Arrowsmith
  • Goblin 1Rachelle Beinart
  • Goblin 2Jess Judge
  • Goblin 3Dilu Miah
  • Goblin 4Giuseppe Lentini
  • Goblin 5Andrew Francis
  • Goblin 6Lukas DiSparrow