Doctor Who The Star Beast

Saturday, 25th November 2023 6:30PM BBC One (57 mins)

The Star Beast Synopsis

The Doctor is caught in a fight to the death as a spaceship crash-lands in London. But as the battle wreaks havoc, destiny is heading for the Doctor’s old friend, Donna.

Episode Order

Story Order



  • The DoctorFourteenth DoctorDavid Tennant
  • Donna NobleDonna NobleCatherine Tate


  • WriterRussell T Davies
  • Executive ProducersRussell T Davies
  • Executive ProducersJulie Gardner
  • Executive ProducersJane Tranter
  • Executive ProducersJoel Collins
  • Executive ProducersPhil Collinson
  • ProducerVicki Delow
  • DirectorRachel Talalay
  • The DoctorDavid Tennant
  • Donna NobleCatherine Tate
  • Rose NobleYasmin Finney
  • Shaun TempleKarl Collins
  • BBC ReporterMatt Green
  • Colonel ChanJamie Cho
  • Shirley BinghamRuth Madeley
  • Lad 1Harley McEvilly
  • Lad 2Max Fincham
  • Sylvia NobleJacqueline King
  • Fudge MerchandaniDara Lall
  • The MeepCecily Fay
  • Meep AnimatronicsBrian Herring
  • Meep AnimatronicsPhill Woodfine
  • Wrarth Warrior 1Robert Strange
  • Wrarth Warrior 2Stephen Love
  • Wrarth Warrior 3Jordan Benjamin
  • Wrarth Warrior 4Vassili Psaltopoulos
  • SoldierIsabella Carey
  • Major SinghRonak Patani
  • Voice of ZogrothNed Porteous
  • Voice of ZreegJohn Hopkinson
  • Chief TechnicianAnna Martine Freeman
  • SergeantArchie Backhouse
  • Voice of the MeepMiriam Margolyes