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January 11th

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Doctor Who episodes aired on January 11th

5 episodes were broadcast on January 11th

11th January 1964
BBC TV (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Daleks - The Ambush (4/7)

Episode 4 of 7 from The Daleks
Pretending to be a Dalek, Ian finds that that he is trapped inside the casing. The Doctor, Susan and Barbara have no choice but to abandon Ian as the real Daleks arrive and attack.

11th January 1969
BBC 1 (21 mins)

Doctor Who - The Krotons - Episode Three

The Doctor and Zoe are pursued by a Kroton as they attempt to return to the TARDIS. The Gonds prepare to destroy the Krotons’ ship, but Jamie is still held prisoner inside.

11th January 1975
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Robot - Part Three

Sealed inside an underground bunker, Miss Winters issues her demands to the world’s leaders, threatening a devastating nuclear strike if her demands are not met.

11th January 1982
BBC 1 (23 mins)

Doctor Who - Castrovalva - Part Three

Nyssa and Tegan follow the trail of blood away from the Cabinet, trying to find the Doctor while avoiding the feathered warriors in the forest. They eventually spot the Doctor some distance away, but although they call out to him he doesn’t recognize his own name. The warriors take the Doctor into Castrovalva with them, […]

11th January 1983
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Arc of Infinity - Part Three

The grief-stricken Nyssa flees back to the TARDIS, where Damon learns that his repairs have been to no avail. Meanwhile, President Borusa confirms that all trace of the Creature has been expunged from the Matrix, or so it appears. In fact, the Creature is still very much in control – and the Doctor is alive!