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Series Five – Seven TARDIS Interior

Series Five TARDIS Console Room Design

During the Tenth to Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration the TARDIS interior caught fire and was heavily damaged. The Eleventh Doctor needed to leave the TARDIS for a while to rebuild itself.

Retro TARDIS Console

The console was considered retro in design. It was very busy and was made up of many different components including a typewriter, bell, 90’s style telephone and a gramophone style sound system.

Multi Level Console Room

The console room retained the golden colour scheme but apart from that it was another huge change from previous designs. This was the first console room to fully utilise the idea of having different levels inside the TARDIS. Staircases went of leading to rooms and corridors in different directions.

View Screens

The retro TARDIS console design had two view screens. One was attached to the TARDIS console and the other was a wall view screen.

Wall Viewscreen


There were many doors leading to other areas of the TARDIS from the console room. The door leading outside kept the police box style which went well with the retro feel of the interior.


In The Doctor’s Wife Amy and Rory were seen walking through the TARDIS corridors. They were hexagonal in shape with different shapes and patterns on the walls.