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Series One TARDIS Interior

The 2005 TARDIS Interior Design

When Doctor Who returned in 2005 the TARDIS interior changed again, it was made to look more organic, this is because the TARDIS was said to be grown rather than constructed.

Coral Console

The only similarities between this console room and previous designs was the console itself. Although it was more circular it still consisted of 6 panels with the Time Rotor in the center.

Series One TARDIS Console Room Design

The series one TARDIS interior was fresh with new ideas. The roundels were replaced with hexaginal shapes. There was a multi-level structure to the console room. The colours were more golden brown with bright cyan highlights on the console.

Variations and Lighting

The TARDIS has lost power a few times, when this happens the TARDIS goes dark as there aren’t many emergency lights. When the TARDIS thinks there is danger it switches the colour scheme to red.


Instead of the standard big heavy doors this is the first in the TV series to have police box doors facing the interior. This is unusual as the TARDIS was originally supposed to change shape to blend in with its surroundings when it lands somewhere.

TARDIS Storage

Under the TARDIS console were panels that could be removed or opened. Here the Doctor could do maintenance on the TARDIS here, he also used this area for storage.

TARDIS Wardrobe

Despite being used for 4 full series only the console and wardrobe rooms were shown inside the TARDIS. Although it was very impressive the wardrobe room was only shown briefly in The Christmas Invasion. It wasn’t shown how the Doctor got to the wardrobe room, it was suggested the console room had a secondary door with access to other rooms in the TARDIS but this was never shown.

TARDIS Viewscreen

The TARDIS view screen was attached to the console. This was the only view screen used in the console room.

Concept Art

Some of the original ideas for the new TARDIS console.