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The Time Monster TARDIS Console Room

Season Nine TARDIS Console Room Design

The Time Monster is remembered for its TARDIS console room redesign, this is the first time in the history of Doctor Who that the TARDIS interior has looked notably different.

The Doctor’s TARDIS

The TARDIS interior got a redesign for The Time Monster. The most notable difference were the TARDIS roundels, they were replaced with large plastic dishes. Despite all the changes the TARDIS console remained the same. The only difference was the center column used for the Masters TARDIS. The changes were noted in the story, Jo commented on the TARDIS looking different the Doctor replied saying it was just a spot of redecoration.

The Master’s TARDIS

The Master’s TARDIS interior was almost identical to the Doctors. The only major difference was the center column on the TARDIS console. The Master’s TARDIS showed an indented door leading to other rooms in the TARDIS which was a rare sight during the 3rd Doctors era. No other TARDIS interior rooms were shown.