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Season Thirteen TARDIS Interior

Season Thirteen TARDIS Console Room Design

Similar to the 3rd Doctors first season the TARDIS interior wasn’t shown on TV during the 4th Doctors debut season. The TARDIS interior next appeared in Season thirteen.

The Third Generation TARDIS Console

The console was completely rebuilt and redesigned. Some controls were similar to the original console. The biggest change was on the 5th panel where a screen was shown. Overall the console was a lot more colourful, brighter and modern for the time.

TARDIS Console Room

When the TARDIS console room returned it was very basic, the biggest difference was a door leading further into the TARDIS was shown, it was indented similar to the Master’s TARDIS in The Time Monster. The door leading outside remained the same.

TARDIS Interior

The new console and console room shown above were only used in two stories in Season thirteen before a completely new console room was shown, the secondary console room. The Masque of Mandragora’s first scene showed the Doctor and Sarah walking through the TARDIS corridors to the secondary console room.