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Season Seven TARDIS

Outside of the TARDIS

When the Third Doctor was exiled to Earth he was constantly looking for ways to fix his TARDIS so he could leave the planet. In Seasons seven and nine the console was shown on its own outside of the TARDIS.

The Original TARDIS Console Refit

As the Doctor was exiled on Earth the TARDIS interior wasn’t seen in his first season. The Doctor was seen trying to fix the console outside of the TARDIS in a few stories. This console was the original with a couple of additional features. The main difference was panel 1 which had a silver panel added.


This version of the console was only shown outside of the TARDIS in The Ambassadors of Death and Inferno. It wasn’t shown how the Doctor moved the console outside of the TARDIS. The console room and interior of the TARDIS weren’t seen again until The Claws of Axos in Season eight. The next story, Colony in Space was the first time Jo Grant had seen the TARDIS interior, the Doctors previous companion Liz Shaw was never fortunate enough to travel in the TARDIS. A newer rebuilt console was shown outside of the TARDIS in Day of the Daleks.

Console Rebuilt

Below shows the difference between the exterior shots of the console used between Season seven and Season nine. The console was completely rebuilt for Season eight but the design stayed the same. The main difference was the time rotor column.