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February 8th

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Doctor Who episodes aired on February 8th

6 episodes were broadcast on February 8th

8th February 1964
BBC TV (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Edge of Destruction - The Edge of Destruction (1/2)

Episode 1 of 2 from The Edge of Destruction
The TARDIS is suspended in space and the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan are confused and frightened by a series of inexplicable events.

8th February 1969
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Seeds of Death - Episode Three

On the Moon, the Doctor is captured by the Ice Warriors and learns that they intend to use T-Mat to spread a deadly fungus across the world.

8th February 1975
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Ark in Space - Part Three

The Doctor and his companions arrive on a large Ark in space and attempt to assist the residents. Unfortunately, they fall seriously ill with a common cold; a virus to which they’ve never been exposed before. The Doctor manages to find a cure and they leave, only to materialize in the same place but centuries […]

8th February 1982
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Kinda - Part Three

The Doctor observes that the Kinda have a sense of humor, but Hindle is unamused. In their cell the Doctor and Todd have a shared psychic experience in which they receive a summons from Panna and Karuna. The dome’s power flickers out and the door to their cell opens.

8th February 1983
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Mawdryn Undead - Part Three

Mawdryn and his eternal mutants are awake and reveal the truth, they are exiles, they are in pain and need something only the Doctor can give them. His future lives.

8th February 1984
BBC 1 (46 mins)

Doctor Who - Resurrection of the Daleks - Part One

In a deserted area of the London Docks, a group of fugitives appear from thin air, and are gunned down by two menacing policemen with futuristic weapons. The Doctor detects and then follows a time corridor, and discovers that a group of mercenaries are trying to liberate Davros from his long cryogenic imprisonment on board […]