Doctor Who Resurrection of the Daleks TV Story

The TARDIS materialises in present day London within sight of Tower Bridge. Investigating some nearby warehouses, the travellers stumble into a trap that the Daleks have set for them…

Story Order

  • Story 133 from Doctor Who
  • Story 4 of 7 from Season 21


8th February 1984
BBC 1 (46 mins)

Doctor Who - Resurrection of the Daleks - Part One

In a deserted area of the London Docks, a group of fugitives appear from thin air, and are gunned down.

15th February 1984
BBC 1 (46 mins)

Doctor Who - Resurrection of the Daleks - Part Two

As survivors of the prison station fight the invaders, Dalek agents on Earth take steps to protect the time corridor.



  • The DoctorPeter Davison
  • TeganJanet Fielding
  • TurloughMark Strickson
  • StienRodney Bewes
  • StylesRula Lenska
  • Colonel ArcherDel Henney
  • LyttonMaurice Colbourne
  • Professor LairdChloe Ashcroft
  • Sergeant CalderPhilip McGough
  • DavrosTerry Molloy
  • MercerJim Findley
  • OsbornSneh Gupta
  • KistonLes Grantham
  • TrooperRoger Davenport
  • CrewmemberJohn Adam Baker
  • CrewmemberLinsey Turner
  • GallowayWilliam Sleigh
  • Dalek VoiceBrian Miller
  • Dalek VoiceRoyce Mills
  • Dalek OperatorJohn Scott Martin
  • Dalek OperatorCy Town
  • Dalek OperatorTony Starr
  • Dalek OperatorToby Byrne