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Torchwood Hub

Torchwood Three

Torchwood three was set up some time between 1883-1885. In 2009 the Government attempted to destroyed Torchwood by exploding the Hub.

Hub Location


The Torchwood Hub is located under Cardiff Bay. It was built there because a rift through time and space runs through that location. Torchwoods job is to monitor the rift and check for any alien life forms that have travelled through it.

The Hub has two entrances, the first entrance is an elevator using a perception filter which camouflages it. The second entrance is located in a nearby tourism office.

Torchwood Interior Main Areas

Jacks office

Captain Jacks office is located at the back of the Hub on the ground floor. It is near Toshikos and Owens work stations.

The vaults

The vaults have housed both humans and aliens in the past, you’ll often find a weevil imprisoned as they keep escaping through the rift.

The conference

The conference room is located on the 1st floor, it’s where the team gather to discuss how to deal with new alien threats.

The crypt

The crypt is where deceased Torchwood members are stored. It is also where cryogenically preserved bodies are kept. Suzie, Jack, Gray (Jacks brother) and Tommy (a soldier frozen from 1918) have all been kept here over time.