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Queen Victoria’s Torchwood

The Torchwood Institute

The Torchwood Institute was originally established by Queen Victoria. Torchwood was set up to defend the Earth against alien threats but it’s secondary purpose was the keep the Doctor away.

1899 Torchwood Speech

Queen Victoria’s speech about Torchwood and what she had witnessed

My dear friends, it is a rare privilege to be surrounded by pioneers.

I am here today to thank you – to thank you for achieving so much in such a short time. To thank you for saving us countless times from threats beyond imagination.

When I founded the Torchwood Institute, 20 short years ago, it was with the single hope that you would protect us from attacks originating beyond this world.

We stand here – at the proudest time for the British Empire. But pride is not achieved without enemies, without envy. It was the sad realisation of those extraordinary threats that led to the establishment of Torchwood.

But you were swift to realise that such attacks also provided opportunities – brave leaps of science, arming ourselves with the weapons of our enemies.

Every menace has brought with it great leaps of learning. When I toured the Great Exhibition I was humbled at the sheer might of human endeavour of display. But all of that noble labour and artifice were nothing when compared to the wonders I have seen today.

I leave this unparalleled wealth of knowledge in trust to you, for the good of the empire. A new century is dawning. Guard it well.

Today, as well as offering you my gratitude, I shall also bid you farewell. One prepares to go on the greatest journey, proud of what has been achieved in one’s name. And I am proudest of nothing more than your work.

God bless you. Queen Victoria – 1899

1883 Cardiff Rift Speech

Queen Victoria’s speech about the Cardiff space and time rift

The Cardiff Rift is a chilling example of a threat that only Torchwood can deal with. How can our empire protect a border like The Rift? How can we defend ourselves against an opening into hell, into other worlds and realms of nightmare? How can we ever be safe when unimaginable demons can step through at any moment?

The Rift needs guardians. Vigilant, tireless and fearless. Only then can the infinite shores of the British Empire be protected. Queen Victoria – 1883