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Season Twenty One – Twenty Six TARDIS Interior

The 20th Anniversary TARDIS Console Room Design

For Doctor Who’s 20th anniversary the TARDIS set and console were given a major upgrade. The light and airy design was kept but subtle differences were introduced. The columns were now more square and the wall containing the view screen was more prominent.

The Final Console for the Classic Era

The console itself contained mostly keypads, it was still a hexagonal shape. Three of the panels were almost identical containing mostly just keypads, the other three again were almost identical containing keypads and monitor screens. It was such a major change that none of the panels were comparable to previous designs.

The Console Room Doors

The TARDIS View Screens and Scanners



Other Rooms

The TARDIS Wardrobe


This version of the console room set was last seen in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. The BBC no longer had the set for season 26 so a darker temporary set was constructed for a scene in Battlefield.