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Different TARDIS Versions

Other TARDISes Used in Doctor Who

Over the years several different TARDIS versions have been seen. Usually due to budget restrictions these TARDIS interiors have taken the same style and layout as the Doctor’s TARDIS.

The Meddling Monk

The first time a TARDIS was shown that was different to the Doctors was in the 1965 story The Time Meddler. The Meddling Monk’s TARDIS had a working chameleon circuit which meant it could disguise itself.

The Master’s TARDIS – Season 8

The Master arrived on Earth with his TARDIS. Like the meddling Monks it too had a working chameleon circuit so it could disguise itself.

Colony in Space

In Colony in Space the Master’s TARDIS console room was shown for the first time. It was similar to the Doctor’s TARDIS, it had the same style console in the centre of the room. The walls had the traditional roundels. It had a lot of extra furniture such as the filing cabinets. Notice how the doors are different on the exterior to show it is disguised as the red rocket.

The Time Monster

A new set was built for both the Doctor’s and the Master’s TARDIS. Doors leading to the TARDIS interior were shown in the Master’s version. The only real difference was that the time rotor had the glass case missing.

The Deadly Assassin and The Keeper of Traken

A physically decayed version of the Master made a return in The Deadly Assassin. His TARDIS was disguised as a grandfather clock. Four seasons later the Master’s TARDIS disguised itself as The Melkur and a grandfather clock in The Keeper of Traken.

Logopolis and Castrovalva

After taking the form of Nyssa’s father in The Keeper of Traken, the Master followed the Doctor. His TARDIS disguised itself as a police box, a plant, a column and fireplace.


In the Season 19 story Time-Flight the Master’s TARDIS was seen disguised as a column and Concord.

The King’s Demons and Planet of Fire

The Master escaped back to his TARDIS in The King’s Demons. In the next season the TARDIS reappeared as a three-sided column in The Planet of Fire. The dark interior was also shown for the first time since Castrovalva.

The Ultimate Foe

The Master’s TARDIS made its last ‘classic series’ appearance in The Ultimate Foe (A Trial of a Time Lord). It was the same design as previously seen in The Planet of Fire.


Unbeknown to them, the Doctor and companions had already been inside the Master’s TARDIS. When they were all on a plane the Master pointed it out to them revealing his true identity. This was the first time the Master’s TARDIS had been seen in the ‘new series’ of Doctor Who.

Professor Chronotis’ TARDIS

Professor Chronotis disguised his TARDIS as his living quarters in the college.

Omega’s TARDIS

Omega materialised his TARDIS in Amsterdam as a brick wall in a crypt. From the outside the interior appeared as a room filled with a bright light. However the TARDIS was quite dark when inside, it was very similar in design to the Doctor’s TARDIS.

The Rani’s TARDIS

The Rani’s TARDIS appeared alongside her in all three stories she appeared in. The exterior and interior appearance changed each time. Apart from Shada which didn’t air on TV, The Mark of the Rani showed for the first time a completely new interior design that was different to the Doctor’s TARDIS.

Time and the Rani

Dimensions in Time


In The Doctor’s Wife the living consciousness of the TARDIS was transferred and locked inside a human body. The TARDIS needed a Time Lord to see the universe, The TARDIS claimed she had chosen the Doctor because he was ‘the only one mad enough’ making them the best team in the universe.


In The Doctor’s Wife the Doctor built a new TARDIS console out of the broken reminiscences of 100 different models.

Ashildr and Clara’s TARDIS

The TARDIS shown in Hell Bent was another TARDIS that the Doctor had stolen from Gallifrey to escape and rescue Clara.


A mysterious TARDIS believed to be belonging to a previous incarnation of the Doctor, before the known first Doctor appeared in ‘Fugitive of the Judoon’.


Graham, Yaz and Ryan left Gallifrey in a different TARDIS to the Doctor.

Both versions had similar interiors to Ruth’s TARDIS.

Doctor Who and the Daleks

Below are images from the 1960′s movie “Doctor Who and the Daleks”.

Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD

Below are images from the 1960′s movie “Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD”.