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Season Fifteen – Nineteen TARDIS Interior

Season Fifteen TARDIS Console Room Design

In The Invisible Enemy the original white console room was reintroduced with a new set. The beginning of the story was the Doctor and Leela return to the primary console room.

The Primary TARDIS Console Room

After a season using the secondary console room the Doctor and Leela returned to the primary console room. The console remained the same as the season thirteen version but with a few modifications. The raised borders between the panels had been removed and replaced with a thin red line.

The Primary Console Room

The season fifteen console room introduced columns in between the TARDIS wall panels. This type of style remained for the rest of the classic era of Doctor Who. This was the first set that was built and used regularly since the 1960s. The design, especially with the columns meant it wasn’t as flexible as past TARDIS sets, however more interior rooms would be shown in addition to the main console room so the need to modify the console room was no longer needed.

Console Room Changes and Variations

Not forgetting that the season fifteen console was a refurbishment of the season thirteen one, the console remained virtually the same from season fifteen – nineteen. It was repainted several times, below shows some of the differences between seasons.

Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4

Panel 5

Panel 6

TARDIS Scanner

Below is the main TARDIS view screen.

Below is the secondary view screen built into the TARDIS console.


TARDIS Interior

A door was shown leading to other rooms inside the TARDIS however the layout and type of rooms shown behind the door changed considerably during the fourth Doctors era.

The Invasion of Time

The Key to Time – The Stones of Blood

Standard TARDIS Roundels

Swimming Pool

The TARDIS swimming pool has been mentioned in several stories. The only time it was shown in use was in The Invasion of Time.

Other Rooms

The TARDIS interior was featured heavily in The Invasion of Time. In a complete contrast to what has been shown before and since, no common TARDIS features were used, no TARDIS roundels were used.

Cloister Room

The cloister room first appeared in Logopolis. This is also where an alarm bell known as the cloister bell is located. Unlike the rooms shown in The Invasion of Time this room can be recognised as being part of the TARDIS as it has styled walls with roundels on them.


The 5th Doctor spent time wandering the TARDIS corridors searching for the zero room.

The Zero Room

The Zero room is completely cut it off from the outside universe, it helped the 5th Doctor recover from his regeneration.

Companion Rooms

Romana’s Room in the TARDIS as shown in Full Circle and Logopolis

Another bedroom is shown in The Visitation where Nyssa is seen working on the sonic booster. Tegan was seen getting ready in this room early in the story so this would suggest this was her room in the TARDIS.

Adric’s room is shown in Earthshock. This room is later given to Turlough in season twenty.