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K9 and Company

K9 and Company

About K9 and Company

K9 and Company, A Girl’s Best Friend was the first TV spin off from Doctor Who. This pilot episode was shown on Monday 28 December 1981, a series was planned but never pursued.

Story Plot

Sarah pays a Christmas visit to her Aunt Lavinia’s house in the village of Moreton Harwood. She discovers that Lavinia, a noted scientist, has yet to return from a lecture tour of the USA. She does however meet Brendan – Lavinia’s ward – and Commander Bill Pollock – her partner in a small market garden business. Also in the house, in a box sent to her by the Doctor, she finds K9. Brendan is kidnapped by a local coven of witches who want to sacrifice him to the goddess Hecate. Sarah, with K9’s assistance, foils their plan and unmasks their leaders – Commander Pollock and local postmistress Lily Gregson.

Elisabeth Sladen starred as Sarah Jane Smith again in the successful CBBC series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

K9 and Company Cast

Cast and Crew

Sarah Jane Smith – Elisabeth Sladen
Voice of K9 – John Leeson
Aunt Lavinia – Mary Wimbush

Brendan – Ian Sears
Colin Jeavons – George Tracey
Commander Bill Pollock – Bill Fraser
Henry Tobias – John Quarmby
Howard Baker – Neville Barber
Juno Baker – Linda Polan
Lilly Gregson – Gillian Martell
P.C. Carter – Stephen Oxley
Peter Tracey – Sean Chapman

Sergeant Vince Wilson – Nigel Gregory

Director – John Black
Producer – John Nathan-Turner
Special Sounds – Dick Mills
Writer – Terence Dudley