Doctor Who The Romans TV Story

The time travellers are enjoying a rare holiday, staying at a villa not far from Rome in the year 64 AD. The Doctor soon becomes restless and sets off to visit the city. Having been mistaken for the famous lyre player and asked to perform at the Emperor Nero’s Court, the Doctor has to devise ever more elaborate schemes to avoid revealing that he cannot actually play the instrument.

Story Order

  • Story 12 from Doctor Who
  • Story 4 of 9 from Season 2


16th January 1965
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Romans - The Slave paders (1/4)

Episode 1 of 4 from The Romans
After relaxing at a Roman villa the Doctor is mistaken for a murdered lyre player and targeted by an assassin.

23rd January 1965
BBC 1 (23 mins)

Doctor Who - The Romans - All Roads Lead to Rome (2/4)

Episode 2 of 4 from The Romans
Barbara is sold as a slave and Ian is to be trained as a gladiator.

30th January 1965
BBC 1 (25 mins)

Doctor Who - The Romans - Conspiracy (3/4)

Episode 3 of 4 from The Romans
Poppaea plans to poison Barbara who has become the object of Nero's affections.

6th February 1965
BBC 1 (23 mins)

Doctor Who - The Romans - Inferno (4/4)

Episode 4 of 4 from The Romans
Inspired by the Doctor, Nero sets Rome ablaze. Ian must fight his way out of the arena and rescue Barbara.



  • Dr. WhoWilliam Hartnell
  • Ian ChestertonWilliam Russell
  • Barbara WrightJacqueline Hill
  • VickiMaureen O'Brien
  • SevcheriaDerek Sydney
  • DidiusNicholas Evans
  • CenturianDennis Edwards
  • Stall holderMargot Thomas
  • Slave buyerEdward Kelsey
  • Maximus PettulianBart Allison
  • AscarisBarry Jackson
  • DelosPeter Diamond
  • TaviusMichael Peake
  • Woman SlaveDorothy-Rose Gribble
  • Galley MasterGertan Klauber
  • 1st Man in MarketErnest Jennings
  • 2nd Man in MarketJohn Caesar
  • Court MessengerTony Lambden
  • TigilinusBrian Proudfoot
  • NeroDerek Francis
  • PoppaeaKay Patrick
  • LocustaAnn Tirard