Doctor Who Galaxy 4 TV Story

When the TARDIS lands on an arid planet, it seems as though the whole place is desolate and lifeless. But then the Doctor, Steven and Vicki discover two crashed spaceships: one contains the Drahvins, a race of stunning beauty, the other contains the hideous Rills. However, as the team soon find out, appearances can be deceptive. It emerges that the beauty of the Drahvins hides a colony of mindless clones who are controlled by the cruel, powerful matriarch Maaga, whereas the ugly Rills are friendly and intelligent explorers. The Rills tell the Doctor that the dried-up planet is about to die. Back in the control room of the TARDIS, he discovers they are right, but things are worse than they thought. There is only one day of life left – one day to escape. With the Drahvins’ ship damaged beyond repair, can the Rills get off the planet before the evil Maaga hijacks their craft in her own effort to escape?

Story Order

  • Story 18 from Doctor Who
  • Story 1 of 10 from Season 3

Episodes (4 episodes)

11th September 1965
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 - Four Hundred Dawns (1/4)

Episode 1 of 4 from Galaxy 4
The Doctor meet the Drahvins, a predominantly female race in constant strife with the Rills.

18th September 1965
BBC 1 (25 mins)

Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 - Trap of Steel (2/4)

Episode 2 of 4 from Galaxy 4
Intent on capturing the spacecraft of the hideous Rills, Maaga holds Steven prisoner.

25th September 1965
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 - Air Lock (3/4)

Episode 3 of 4 from Galaxy 4
The Doctor and Vicki learn the truth about the Drahvins from the ammonia breathing Rills.

2nd October 1965
BBC 1 (25 mins)

Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 - The Exploding Planet (4/4)

Episode 4 of 4 from Galaxy 4
As the planet faces destruction, Maaga launches a final attack on the Rill base.



  • Dr. WhoWilliam Hartnell
  • VickiMaureen O'Brien
  • Steven TaylorPeter Purves
  • MaagaStephanie Bidmead
  • Drahvin OneMarina Martin
  • Drahvin TwoSusanna Carroll
  • Drahvin ThreeLyn Ashley
  • ChumbleyAngelo Muscat
  • ChumbleyWilliam Shearer
  • Rill VoiceRobert Cartland
  • ChumbleyPepi Poup
  • GarveyBarry Jackson
  • ChumbleyTommy Reynolds