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The Cyber-planner

About the Cyber-planner

The Cyber-planner gathers data from a number of sources to work out strategies and calculate decisions based on the probability of success.

The Wheel in Space Cyber-planner

A Cyber-planner first appeared in The Wheel in Space. The Cybermen looked to the Cyber-planner for orders when they were planning their invasion of the space station.

The Invasion Cyber-planner

A modified Cyber-planner appeared in The Invasion. It was installed on Earth and acted as a communications platform between Vaughn and the Cybermen.

Nightmare in Silver Cyber-planner

Mr Clever was a human version of the Cyber-planner. He tried to overtake the Doctors mind in order to resurrect the Cybermen. Unlike Cybermen and previous planners Mr Clever had a split human/cyber personality and could display emotion.