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History of the Cybermen

The Cyber history illustrations are copyright © Andrew Skilleter
The illustrations are used with kind permission from Andrew Skilleter and were originally used in the book Doctor Who Cybermen by David Banks

Cybermen History Timeline

10,000 BC

Mondas the Earths twin planet drifts across the Solar System. The Mondasians begin experimenting with cybernetics in order to survive.

20th Century


An army of Cybermen from Planet 14 invade the Earth but are stopped by the Doctor and U.N.I.T.


Mondas returns to the Solar System but is eventually destroyed by absorbing too much energy from the Earth.


A group of Cybermen (possibly from the future or Planet 14) return to Earth hoping to gain control of weapon built by Rassilon as the ultimate defence for Gallifrey.

21st Century


A group of Cybermen try to take over the Moonbases weather control system

A group of Cybermen invade the space station W3 hoping to use it as a base to invade the Earth

25th Century

The Doctor comes across a group of archaeologists trying to uncover the Tombs of the Cybermen on Telos where the remaining Cybermen and their controller have been frozen.

The Cybermen were thought to have died out after the last Cyber-war, however a few Cybermen had survived. Eventually they returned to the Solar System to try and destroy the planet Voga as it contained large amounts of gold that could be used to suffocate the Cybermen.

26th Century


A new army of Cybermen plan to bomb an important peace conference on Earth.

Back on Telos the Cybermen plan to travel back in time to 1985 and destroy life on Earth. They hope this will prevent Mondas from being destroyed.

51st Century

The Twelfth Cyber Legion monitor an area of space twenty thousand light years away from Demon’s Run

The Future

The Cybermen are hiding in Hedgewick’s World amusement park a quarter of a million years in the future

Alternative History

102 AD

A group of Cybermen help capture the Doctor, it is possible these Cybermen originated from Mondas.


A group of Cybermen trapped in the void from the future manage to break out into 1851 London.


An army of Cybermen created in a parallel universe hope to upgrade everyone into cyber form.

The Cybermen manage to cross into our universe and start a war with the Daleks, the Doctor eventually manages to trap them in the void – the dead space between universes.