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October 16th

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Doctor Who episodes aired on October 16th

4 episodes were broadcast on October 16th

16th October 1965
BBC 1 (25 mins)

Doctor Who - The Myth Makers - Temple of Secrets (1/4)

Episode 1 of 4 from The Myth Makers

16th October 1976
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Hand of Fear - Part Three

The fossilised hand has regenerated into a Kastrian called Eldrad who appears to be female, having modelled his form on Sarah Jane. He persuades the Doctor to take him back to Kastria, so that he might reclaim his heritage. When they arrive, they find Kastria dead. Its king has destroyed the race banks should Eldrad […]

UK Premiere
16th October 2010
Disney XD ( mins)

K9 the TV Series - Robot Gladiators

This episode premiered 31st May 2010 - Scandinavia (Disney XD)