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May 22nd

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Doctor Who episodes aired on May 22nd

4 episodes were broadcast on May 22nd

22nd May 1965
BBC 1 (23 mins)

Doctor Who - The Chase - The Executioners (1/6)

Episode 1 of 6 from The Chase
Ian and Vicki are trapped by tentacled creatures on the planet Aridius. The Doctor and Barbara witness Daleks leaving Skaro on a mission to eliminate the Doctor and his companions.

22nd May 1971
BBC 1 (25 mins)

Doctor Who - The Daemons - Episode One

The Doctor tries to prevent Professor Horner from breaking into an ancient barrow near the village of Devil’s End. Posing as the village vicar, the Master summons dark forces.

UK Premiere
22nd May 2010
Disney XD ( mins)

K9 the TV Series - Mutant Copper

This episode premiered 10th May 2010 - Scandinavia (Disney XD)

22nd May 2010
BBC One (43 mins)

Doctor Who - The Hungry Earth

It’s 2015 where a tiny mining village is plunged into a battle against a deadly danger from a bygone age.