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December 6th

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Doctor Who episodes aired on December 6th

4 episodes were broadcast on December 6th

6th December 1975
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Android Invasion - Part Three

The Kraals intend to invade Earth by stowing away aboard Crayford’s rocket as it returns home. The Doctor learns Styggron’s plan is to wipe out all life on the planet.

6th December 1980
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - State of Decay - Part Three

Adric is taken prisoner by the three vampire rulers. The Doctor discovers that they are facing an unstoppable foe from Time Lord history.

6th December 1986
BBC 1 (29 mins)

Doctor Who - The Trial of a Time Lord - Part Fourteen

Episode 2 of 2 from The Ultimate Foe
Mel realises that the Valeyard has created a weapon within the Matrix that will destroy the Time Lords, and the Doctor is forced to rely on the Master for help…

6th December 1989
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Survival - Part Three

As the alien world dies around them, the Doctor and the Master fight like animals before escaping to Earth, where their war ends. And somewhere else, the tea is getting cold.