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Series Eleven TARDIS Interior

The Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS Interior Design

A new Doctor, a brand new TARDIS, both exterior and interior. This incarnation of the TARDIS has a darker crystal-like look and feel to the main console/control room. It still has a lot of quirky features including a custard cream dispenser!

Parts of the TARDIS

I deliberately tried to keep it as analogue and hands on as possible for Jodie because she’s quite a physical actor. So there’s no keyboard as such here. It’s switches, dials, all manner of things that you actually have to physically get in there and get involved with. Arwel Wyn Jones (Designer of the Series 11 TARDIS)

The TARDIS Entrance

The TARDIS entrance is quite unique where it shows the actual full police box, not just the front doors.

The TARDIS Console

The main console/control room with crystal features including the central column time rotor.

The TARDIS Scanner

The main TARDIS scanner/view screen is built into the wall again, the previous TARDIS had screens around the console.

Quirky TARDIS Features

Some of the quirky parts of the TARDIS console, one memorable feature first shown in ‘The Ghost Monument’ is a custard cream dispenser.

The TARDIS Blue Theme

The TARDIS could change to a blue lighting theme, mostly used when the mood was low or unusual things were happening.

The TARDIS Phone

The Doctor receiving an incoming phone call.

The TARDIS Medical Equipment

The TARDIS has built in medical equipment, as shown in ‘Praxeus’.