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Season Twenty TARDIS Interior

Season Twenty TARDIS Console Room Design

The third console build was still in use for season twenty however it was given a major upgrade. On the whole the console appeared brighter and more colourful.

The Final Upgrade

The console remained in the same position for season twenty so panels 3 and 6 were rarely seen. This was to be the final upgrade for this console build as a new one would be built from scratch for the 20th anniversary.


The TARDIS interior was seen and used a lot more during the 5th Doctors era. The roundels were shown to contain circuitry behind them.


Another bedroom is shown in Arc of Infinity. Tegan was later seen resting in a similar, if not the same room in Snakedance.

Turlough’s Room

Tegan showed Turlough to his room on the TARDIS, it was Adrics old room.

Nyssa’s Room

Nyssa’s room was shown in Terminus where a door appeared leading onto another spaceship. The furniture was very basic and similar to what we had seen before in previous TARDIS rooms.