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Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts as the Master

Eric Roberts was the fifth actor to portray the Master. The 1996 TV Movie introduced Eric Roberts as the Master.

Eric Roberts Portrayal of the Master

The Master returned in the 1996 TV Movie, this time played by Eric Roberts.

After being put on trial on Skaro for his crimes, the episode concluded with him being trapped within the Eye of harmony.

The Master is basically a renegade Time Lord, known for always been up to no good, he has a particular dislike for the Doctor. Both Brilliant, but with opposite thinking, the Master would think it nothing to destroy a race to meet his ends. On occasions the Masters plans have gone astray and he has been forced to work with the Doctor to put things right. The Masters goal has always been Domination, by whatever means necessary.

Eric Roberts appeared in:

  • 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie