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Anthony Ainley

Anthony Ainley as the Master

Anthony Ainley was the fourth actor to portray the Master. The Keeper of Traken introduced Anthony Ainley as the Master.

Anthony Ainley’s Portrayal of the Master

Anthony Ainley would continue in the part, playing the role of The Master alongside Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy until the shows cancellation in 1989, He appeared in the series final classic episode “Survival”. In the Colin Baker story “The Mark of the Rani” He played alongside another renegade Time Lord, The Rani, played by Kate O’Mara.

He was enlisted by The Time Lords to rescue the Doctor in “The Five Doctors”

Other Ainley stories include Castrovalva, Timeflight, Planet of Fire, The Kings Demons, Caves of Androzani, Trial of a Time Lord and Logopolis

Anthony Ainley appeared in:

  • The Keeper of Traken
  • Logopolis
  • Castrovalva
  • Time-Flight
  • The King’s Demons
  • The Five Doctors
  • Planet of Fire
  • The Mark of the Rani
  • The Trial of a Time Lord
  • Survival