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May 18th

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Doctor Who episodes aired on May 18th

3 episodes were broadcast on May 18th

18th May 1968
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Wheel in Space - Episode 4

The station is in danger of being destroyed by the approaching meteor storm. The Cybermen are smuggled aboard the Wheel and begin to take control of the crew.

18th May 1974
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Planet of the Spiders - Part Three

Following Lupton, Sarah is transported to Metebelis 3 where she is captured by the human villagers. The Doctor uses the TARDIS to follow Sarah, but the spiders are waiting. Is this adventure one too many for the Doctor?

18th May 2013
BBC One (44 mins)

Doctor Who - The Name of the Doctor

The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave. And it is discovered…