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January 17th

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Doctor Who episodes aired on January 17th

3 episodes were broadcast on January 17th

17th January 1970
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - Spearhead from Space - Episode 3

The TARDIS arrives on Earth in the middle of a meteorite shower and the Doctor is found by UNIT troops and taken to a nearby hospital. The Brigadier is faced with having to cope not only with the mysterious meteorites but also with Ransome, an ex-employee of a local plastics factory, who claims he has […]

17th January 1976
BBC 1 (25 mins)

Doctor Who - The Brain of Morbius - Part Three

Sarah has been blinded and the Doctor asks the Sisterhood for help. Morbius, fearful that the Time Lords have tracked him down, tells Solon to install his brain in a new body.

17th January 1981
BBC 1 (22 mins)

Doctor Who - Warriors' Gate - Part Three

As the void begins to shrink around them, Rorvik plans to take desperate measures to escape through the mirror. The Doctor discovers the dark secret of the Tharils’ past.