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December 14th

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Doctor Who episodes aired on December 14th

3 episodes were broadcast on December 14th

14th December 1963
BBC TV (24 mins)

Doctor Who - An Unearthly Child - The Firemaker (4/4)

Episode 4 of 4 from An Unearthly Child
Kal has been banished from the tribe and Ian is making fire for Za in the hope that he will be grateful and will allow them to return to the TARDIS.

14th December 1968
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Invasion - Episode Seven

The world’s population is unconscious and the Cybermen invade in force. The Doctor desperately attempts to persuade Vaughn to help him resist the invaders.

14th December 1988
BBC 1 (24 mins)

Doctor Who - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy - Part One

Bellboy and Flowerchild escape the Psychic Circus but are pursued by the Chief Clown. The Doctor and Ace meet other visitors to Segonax, some of whom are not what they seem.