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Advertise on our Doctor Who Merchandise Guide

Please contact us if you’re interested in placing an advert graphic on our merchandise guide.

We have 2 areas:

  • Side bar
    400px X 300px

  • Footer
    1200px X 200px

Please note that this these adverts must be designed for the Doctor Who audience (relating to Doctor Who merchandise or events for example). We do not endorse unofficially licensed Doctor Who merchandise.

If it’s a Doctor Who product you’re promoting it must be officially licensed by the BBC. If you’re a retailer then you must be selling officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise.

We’re happy to promote an upcoming event – either Doctor Who themed or featuring Doctor Who stars as guests.

You supply us the graphic, we’ll host it (jpg file).

Email us at: [email protected]

Please get in touch if you’re interested, if you have any other ideas or questions then please let us know.