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Roger Delgado

Roger Delgado as the Master

Roger Delgado was the first actor to portray the Master. Terror of the Autons introduced Roger Delgado as the Master.

Roger Delgado’s Portrayal of the Master

The Master was introduced in the Jon Pertwee story “Terror of the Autons”. The Time Lords warned the Doctor of his arrival. His TARDIS had a working chameleon circuit and we first saw it as a Horse Box. It appeared as a computer bank in a later 3rd Doctor adventure.

The Master instantly became a popular villain and featured in several Pertwee stories, his name was often disguised to conceal his return. He was once seen, whilst imprisoned, watching “the Clangers”. He used a Tissue Compression Eliminator, which shrank people to doll size.

It is rumoured that there was to be one “final” Master story, possibly with the reveal that the Master was the Doctors Brother, until Roger Delgado was tragically killed in a car crash. Jon Pertwee regularly described him as one of the nicest people you could meet. His voice From “The Daemons” can be heard in “Utopia”.

Roger Delgado appeared in:

  • Terror of the Autons
  • The Mind of Evil
  • The Claws of Axos
  • Colony in Space
  • The Dæmons
  • The Sea Devils
  • The Time Monster
  • Frontier in Space