Doctor Who Doctor Who The Movie

Monday, 27th May 1996 8:30PM BBC 1 (86 mins)

Doctor Who The Movie Synopsis

Whilst returning the Master’s remains to their home planet of Gallifrey, the Doctor crash lands the TARDIS on Earth in San Francisco in the year 1999. Gunned down by a street gang, the Doctor is rushed to hospital, where exploratory surgery by Dr Grace Holloway triggers a regeneration into the Eighth Doctor. Meanwhile, the Master has taken over the body of a paramedic and infiltrated the TARDIS, which he plans to use in his latest scheme to take over the Doctor’s new body and destroy the world.

Episode Order

  • Episode 696 from Doctor Who

Story Order

  • Story 156 from Doctor Who




  • The DoctorPaul McGann
  • BruceEric Roberts
  • The MasterEric Roberts
  • Dr. Grace HollowayDaphne Ashbrook
  • The DoctorSylvester McCoy
  • Chang LeeYee Jee Tso
  • SalingerJohn Novak
  • Dr SwiftMichael David Simms
  • WheelerCatherine Lough
  • CurtisDolores Drake
  • PeteWilliam Sasso
  • GarethJeremy Radick
  • MirandaEliza Roberts
  • Motorcycle PolicemanBill Croft
  • Professor WaggDave Hurtubise
  • TedJoel Wirkkunen
  • Security manDee Jay Jackson
  • The Old MasterGordon Tipple
  • News AnchorMi-Jung Lee
  • News AnchorJoanna Piros