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White Supreme Dalek – 2010

2010 Dalek Plan and Colour Scheme

White Supreme Dalek

2010 White Supreme Dalek

The Supreme Dalek was the leader of the new Dalek paradigm. The colour scheme of this Supreme Dalek was white and grey. Previous Supreme Daleks had more of a black base colour scheme.

Dalek Appearences

This Supreme Dalek appeared in the TV stories Victory of the Daleks, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, The Wedding of River Song and Asylum of the Daleks.

Victory of the Daleks

The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang

The Wedding of River Song

Asylum of the Daleks

Dalek Paradigm

The new Dalek Paradigm was created by a Progenitor device. It acted as a reset, the new Daleks were purebred. There were five different types of Dalek in the Paradigm: White Supreme Dalek, Blue Strategist Dalek, Red Drone Dalek, Yellow Eternal Dalek and Orange Science Dalek

You have been scanned. Assessed. Understood. The Daleks