Doctor Who The Legend of Ruby Sunday

Saturday, 15th June 2024 12:00AM iPlayer (44 mins)

The Legend of Ruby Sunday Synopsis

The Doctor and UNIT investigate Ruby’s past. But as the Time Window reveals horrifying secrets from Christmas Eve, the mysterious Triad Technology unleashes the greatest evil of all.

The Legend of Ruby Sunday Next Time Trailer

Here it comes…

Episode Order

  • Episode 871 from Doctor Who
  • Episode 7 of 8 from Series 14

Story Order

  • Story 310 from Doctor Who
  • Story 7 of 7 from Series 14



  • The DoctorFifteenth DoctorNcuti Gatwa
  • Ruby SundayRuby SundayMillie Gibson


  • WriterRussell T Davies
  • DirectorJamie Donoughue
  • The DoctorNcuti Gatwa
  • Ruby SundayMillie Gibson
  • Kate Lethbridge-StewartJemma Redgrave
  • Rose NobleYasmin Finney
  • Colonel Christofer IbrahimAlexander Devrient
  • Morris GibbonsLenny Rush
  • Harriet ArbingerGenesis Lynea
  • The VlinxAidan Cook
  • Voice of the VlinxNicholas Briggs
  • Susan TriadSusan Twist
  • Bailey SinclairFela Lufadeju
  • Melanie BushBonnie Langford
  • Carla SundayMichelle Greenidge
  • Mrs FloodAnita Dobson
  • Cherry SundayAngela Wynter
  • Colonel Winston ChidozieTachia Newall
  • Voice of SutekhGabriel Woolf
  • Corporal Alice SullivanJasmine Bayes