Doctor Who Dot and Bubble

Saturday, 1st June 2024 12:00AM iPlayer (TBC mins)

Dot and Bubble Synopsis

The world of Finetime seems happy and harmonious. But an awful terror is preying on the citizens. Can the Doctor and Ruby make them see the truth before it’s too late?

Dot and Bubble Next Time Trailer

Another glorious day in Finetime?

Episode Order

  • Episode 869 from Doctor Who
  • Episode 5 of 8 from Series 14

Story Order

  • Story 308 from Doctor Who
  • Story 5 of 7 from Series 14



  • The DoctorFifteenth DoctorNcuti Gatwa
  • Ruby SundayRuby SundayMillie Gibson


  • WriterRussell T Davies
  • DirectorDylan Holmes Williams
  • The DoctorNcuti Gatwa
  • Ruby SundayMillie Gibson
  • Lindy Pepper-BeanCallie Cooke
  • Ricky SeptemberTom Rhys Harries
  • Cooper MercyEilidh Loan
  • Harry TendencyAldous Ciokajlo Squire
  • Hoochy PieNiamh Lynch
  • Valerie NookMillie Kent
  • Blake Very BlueBilly Brayshaw
  • Gothic PaulPete MacHale
  • Dr PeeMax Boast
  • Rotterdam Twin 1Elloise Bennett
  • Rotterdam Twin 2Olivia Bennett
  • Weatherman WillJack Forsyth-Noble
  • Alan K SullivanMilo Callaghan
  • Penny Pepper-BeanSusan Twist
  • Suzie PentecostEllie-Grace Cashin
  • Brewster CavendishJamie Barnard